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We are professionals in Value Management
and Value Engineering. Certified, Worldwide.

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In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, and engineering together to find different solutions.
For people, planet and profit.
The way we challenge the status quo is by questioning, based on ancient principles and modern methods, using visuals, asking questions and using plain language.
We do our work with humour, perseverance and true dedication.
We facilitate and train Value Engineering.

Get the design you deserve! We facilitate project-optimisations using Value Engineering and assist to implement Value Engineering in your organisation.

Design4Value® - our trademark

We work with projectteams, their stakeholders and networks to enhance
designs. We use a structured approach in design studies and workshops. We facilitate
improvement of projects, services, processes and products, in live and virtual meetings. We train Engineers and Managers. We work in partnership with financers, strategists and design engineers by nature.   



Facilitating Value Engineering studies is our core business: assisting teams to optimise any design. Better outcomes at optimal costs for satisfying business and happy clients.


Tailor made

Tailored to your needs and fit for purpose. Together, we have over 50 years' experience of applying value thinking to a wide range of business processes and engineering designs.



Join our training program to enhance your response to needs, ideas, guidelines, and financial constraints, improving your ability to deliver increased value.



Global reach, local touch. We have worked in over 16 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. We speak English, Dutch and Basasa Indonesia. Other languages 'on demand' through our network.

Specialising in Value Studies

  • Value Engineering, Value Management, & Value Analysis
  • Design Perspectives: Value, Cost, Contracting, Planning, Manufacturing
  • Deep Dives: Competition, Competency, Systems Analysis, Performance analysis
  • Lean Engineering
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Design to cost
  • Tear Down
  • Requirements & Systems Engineering
  • Risk analysis and risk management

Every project, any scale. Explore value with us

Value Engineering is an intensive, organised multidsciplinary team effort to enhance the value of a design, by function analysis, generation of ideas and alternatives, improve performances and reduce costs. We applied Value Engineering on a wide range of topics. Value Engineering is sometimes called “Function Engineering”. Since everything has a function, we used Value Engineering for:

  • Alternatives generation
  • Area developments
  • Bridges
  • Business development
  • Bus stations
  • Coating machines
  • Cheese factories
  • Coffee Machines
  • Cost budgetting in projects (design to cost)
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Decision making simplifications
  • Design Objectives
  • Design Reviews
  • Drugs detection
  • Environmental Act Project Definitions
  • Fire-resistant facilities
  • Fire stations
  • Failure mode Effect Analysis FMEA
  • Fleet replacement,
  • Groundworks
  • Highway and railroad Underpasses,
  • ICT networks
  • Innovations
  • Implementation processes
  • Jet fighter platforms
  • KPI’s
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Market Consultations
  • Marshalling yards
  • Milk Dryers
  • Motorways
  • Nature conservation
  • Network Meetings
  • Organizational Developments
  • Performance Indicators
  • Performance models
  • Personal Development
  • Practical tests
  • Prioritization
  • Process flow optimization
  • Project Dashboards
  • Project Evaluations
  • Purchasing innovations
  • Quotation Requests
  • Rail tracks
  • Risk sessions
  • Road maintenance programmes
  • Road tracks
  • Seagoing vessels
  • Solar cells and highways
  • Specreviews
  • Storage Halls
  • Strategic dashboards
  • Supplier Consultations
  • Tender reviews
  • Toilet groups
  • Training
  • Train stations
  • Tram lines
  • Tunnels
  • Value Engineering Change Proposals
  • Value optimisations
  • Viaducts and underpasses (highway, railway)
  • Water pumps
  • Waste removal
  • Work motivations
  • …and still counting..

Our value professionals

Facilitators of Value Engineering studies. Trainers on all levels. Certified. Worldwide.

We practice ourselves, we teach and we coach.
Our teachers are international certified around the globe. With lots or experience in facilitiation, training, coaching and implementing in organisations.
Professionals in Value Management PVM, Trainers in Value Management TVM, Certified Value Specialists CVS.

Timme Hendriksen

Timme has over 20 years of Value Management experience. He is a certified Value Engineer (CVS: USA), as well as Value Manager (PVM: UK, Europe) and certified trainer (TVM: Europe & SAVE). Timme’s personal mission is to spread the use of Value Management in the Netherlands and abroad, in all kinds of projects.

Alvin Tehmono

Alvin graduated as PVM in 2023. International certified Value Engineer, and the first PVM in Indonesia. Alvin has already trained more than 50 people and facilitated more than 30 studies. Mostly in civil constructions like roads, bridges, and dams, for engineering design, reviewing, and second opinion purposes.

Hein de Jong

Hein B.A. de Jong applies and facilitates Value workshops in projects that require investments, using Systems Engineering, Project Management, Contracting, Business Engineering and Knowledge Management. Hein's mission is to create joy with effective engineering for those who need it.

Koen Schmitz

Over 18 years ago, Koen embarked on his journey in Value Management. By executing numerous Value Engineering studies and training courses he became a certified facilitator (PVM) and Trainer Value Management (TVM). Koen's mission is to train professionals for a green and sustainable future with lots fun and great outcomes - together. Koen is also a former member of the Board of Directors of the European board for Value management.

Get started today

Value Engineering can be integrated in your regular engineering activities. Start today. Do a Value Engineering study, hire a value engineer. Or get a training for yourself and your colleagues.


In the Value Engineering (VE) studies that we conducted, we significantly enhanced value, often at reduced costs and sometimes with added benefits like longer lifespan or increased speed. Most VE studies recoup their costs within a year due to savings. Additionally, 95% of these studies yield returns hundreds to thousand times over in meeting needs and resource efficiency. Guess why we may offer ‘no-cure, no-pay’!

What is Value Engineering?

Designing to create best value for money. Creating solutions that perform well and don’t cost too much. Some keywords are:

In Value Engineering (VE), understanding comes from active listening and clear information sharing. These are key to VE, highlighting open communication and diverse views for common goals.

Value Engineering’s core principle is that participation leads to acceptance. It involves stakeholders at all stages, ensuring everyone’s input is valued and concerns are addressed. Solutions are not just decisions, but collaborative steps towards joint success.

Value Engineering is the mother of many techniques, and recombines techniques such as design thinking, TRIZ, and rapid prototyping. It also integrates methods like mindmapping, SWOT analysis, SCAMPER, rapid prototyping, Blue Ocean Strategy, and the Six Thinking Hats. Add to that best practices from project management and Value Proposition Design, and it helps to create superior, cost-effective well designed solutions.

We practice what we preach. Everyday. Around the globe.

Design for Value is our trademark that embodies our mission: bridging organizations and project teams through a comprehensive design process. Rooted in asking the right questions, crafting innovative solutions, and envisioning alternatives. This cycle of inquiry and solution-forming naturally leads to further questions and, ultimately, informed decisions. By fostering a culture centered on value creation, we establish best practices and pave the way for actionable outcomes. This ethos is evident in our Value Engineering studies, our organizational implementations, and our training programs. And in how we manage Value FM itself. Everyday, around the globe.

Events - meetings

We organise international seminars (Value Factories), show-and-tells, and participate in events by national and international organisations like European Governing Board EGB, Dutch Association of Cost and Value Engineers DACE, Verein Deutscher Ingenieure VDI, Save International, Indonesian Engineers Institute PII, and the International Cost Engineering Conference ICEC.
We need a dedicated global community to share our message, teach others, and prove the advantages of value engineering
Alvin Tehmono

Events - trainings

Our Value Engineering e-learning 2h (also known as VElearning) runs 24/7 online followed up by a show-and-tell session.
The VM1 trainings when groups of 6 to 10 people are formed - mostly inhouse, with some rare exceptions for exceptional people and teams.

We have 30 years training experience. High class, in depth, and certified. We are proud there are shoulders of giants to stand on!
Hein de Jong

Events - VE-studies

We perform Value Engineerings studies around the globe. Planned according to regulations, or 'semi-unplanned' for trouble shooting.

We love to do both!

Teaching and facilitating keeps us fresh, vibrant and knowledgeable.
Timme Hendriksen