For over 20 years, we’ve been dedicated to the principles of Value Engineering. Our journey began with the Dutch Railroads in 2002, and since then, we’ve ventured into a vast array of applications across numerous countries and industries. While the process might remain familiar and we sometimes even meet old friends again, the challenges we face are ever-evolving. Our path is full of unexpected twists, always bringing joy and delightful surprises not only to our clients but to us as well.

About us Value FM

Our purpose is to positively impact individuals and organizations by helping them optimize their projects. We aim to empower our clients to achieve the best value for their investments and enhance the quality of their designs. We are dedicated to fostering creativity, functionality, and excellence in every design aspect

We are dedicated to providing high-quality Value Engineering facilitation, coaching, and training services. Facilitating Value Engineering studies and trainings worldwide, ensuring that the best achievable standards are set and met.

We share our expertise with professionals across Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and United States. We aim to provide workshops and trainings on regular basis to all, aspiring to expand our reach and empower more individuals and organizations to unlock their full potential.

🌟 Our Team: We pride ourselves on housing four certified facilitating Professionals in Value Management (PVMs). A concentrated pool of knowledge and experience!

🔍 Expertise in Practice: Our team has been actively applying Value Engineering across a variety of engineering contexts. They also serve as trainers. This combination of hands-on experience with facilitation Value Engineering studies, coaching and training, ensures that our services are of the highest quality, designed specifically for professionals in engineering and management.

At Value FM, we are more than just practitioners; we are innovators. We are open to collaborations that aim to refine engineering processes and enhance overall value.

📞 Engage with us: We invite individuals who are eager to implement Value Management or who are in search of premier coaching and training to connect with our team.


"Participation in a Value Engineering study is a privilege" – that's the motto we live by. Feedback about me often includes, "You're always so enthusiastic!" and "Highly analytic". For me that is logic: Collaborating with a multidisciplinary team of dedicated professionals for a week to create something outstanding is not just a task; it's a privilege. Value Engineering is not a tool or a job: it is a life long vision towards Value.

Team mates

With many teammates whom I've had the privilege to train, coach, or facilitate, I eagerly look forward to working together again. It's beautiful to witness everyone pushing their limits to the fullest! Talented, driven, excellent craftsmanship, occasionally rare expertise. And a whole lot of common sense.


Working on successful projects, Crafting successful designs, With words, actions, and passion. High energy, high yield. Yet, with moments of calm. That's what creates flow.

System Engineering

Analytical and then Creative. As a systems engineer, I can be very analytical. And during a creative phase, extremely creative. As a value and business manager, I focus on what truly excites the customer and what they are willing to invest their limited money or time in. And on how the organization empowers itself to have that goal in sight and to act upon it. But it has always been the teamwork that brought about the outstanding performance that we could never have achieved alone. That always pleasantly surprises me every time.

Tools and philosophies for all!

Originally from the Netherlands, I blend expertise and innovation. As a civil engineer with a master's degree in business administration (MBA), I also proudly holds the title of Professional in Value Management (PVM) and TVM. With 35-year of career, my skills encompass design, systems engineering, value engineering knowledge management, feasibility studies, project management, and training. My approach reflects my commitment to operational excellence—precise when required and creative when opportunities arise.

Like children..

The curiosity and creativity of my two children sometimes seem to be unlearned at school now that they are teenagers. I push back ; ), showing how creativity and analysis are worth while pursuing. And add creativity and sometimes even game elements to Value Engineering workshop - loved by many participants!


Standing before a group: that is challenging, it is a type of sport. Working towards results and achieving growth from it. That is exciting. And in a short time, you become part of a team.


I gain energy from getting a team to work efficiently and improving their performance. I want to instill genuine confidence that they will achieve the right solution, one that the user is willing to pay for. Placing decisions where they belong, assigning ownership where it's due, and giving structure to quests. Rather than constantly questioning 'why we are on Earth'.

Building my own house

Having my own house built has shown that observing the process from a distance is quite challenging. I am now the project leader myself: managing tasks and ensuring they happen, but this provides little overview and time to coordinate them. A facilitator aids in streamlining the process and adding value.

The group

The group can achieve more than the individual members on their own. It is all about the interplay between people, rather than the knowledge that individuals hold on their own. Our design study keeps everybody sharp, and participants challenge each other, especially by listening closely. Together, you can match and refine all those assumptions and suppositions. And that's much more potent than a good idea one individual has in mind. In the end, consensus is key, as the common denominator is more important than an individual opinion.

Inspiring Proponent of Value Thinking

Others have said about me that I am very inspiring, the flexible proponent of value thinking. And that I won't let myself and the team be fobbed off!.

Being a Trainer is a Privilege

Facilitation is an energizing task: witnessing a shift in thinking and sparking new insights is truly captivating. After the Value Engineering workshop, it is common to see designs that have been altered and improved thanks to the team effort of the Value Engineering team.


Value Engineering (VE) is my passion. For me, VE isn't just technical; it's about connection and collaboration. I find joy in uncovering a project's core challenges alongside my clients. Every VE study is a shared journey of discovery. I see every client as a partner, not just a stakeholder. Our collaboration is a deep exploration into challenges and potentials. My approach prioritizes human relationships over mere metrics. I believe in bridging gaps and forging bonds. Working with me means being part of a journey, not just a process. I aim to enhance value, both in terms of project goals and human understanding.


I'm deeply passionate about Value Engineering (VE). Achieving our VE goals signifies not just project success but real, meaningful impact. Our collective efforts go beyond metrics, touching lives and communities. This connection between professional fulfillment and societal betterment drives me.

Professional goals

From my vantage point, a value engineer is more than just a technical expert; they're the linchpin of a project's holistic success. They seamlessly connect various facets, from granular engineering details to overarching program goals. Their invaluable guidance ensures no crucial aspect of the project is overlooked. Equipped with facilitation skills, they steer discussions in the right direction. More than that, they curate an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute. It's this inclusive atmosphere they foster that truly propels projects to success.


Value engineering (VE) has reshaped how I view finances and budgeting in both my work and personal spheres. With VE, I'm anchored in the belief that every financial outlay must serve a defined purpose and deliver tangible value. While standards and guidelines sometimes blur the lines of value assessment, VE offers clarity. It guides me in pinpointing the true requirements and focuss and assigning the right budget to meet them efficiently.

What they say about me..

Many clients highlight my ability to adeptly manage conflicts during Value Engineering (VE) workshops as a distinctive strength. Given that the VE process involves breaking down the design into different subsystems, tensions can emerge. Yet, by using function analysis, I've observed that we often achieve agreement, recognizing that all subsystems are aligned with the overarching project goals.

Being part of a Team

Being part of a Value Engineering (VE) team is truly rewarding. The open dialogue often paves the way for enlightening insights, and the brainstorming sessions frequently ignite groundbreaking, unconventional solutions.


A value study is a great way to validate if a project is still on the right track. When working on a project the team can be really focussed on delivering the needs defined in the clients specifications within time and budget. But the clients needs might develop over time or the teams interpretation of these needs is not always right. This is all human nature and happens everywhere, conducting a Value Study helps to check if the clients needs are still as specified and enables the projectteam, the client and other stakeholders to define the way forward together.


Echoing in my memory is the voice of my Kung-fu teacher yelling BASICS! Every skill is rooted in fundamental principles. In Value Management, these cornerstones are functional analysis and creativity. It's vital to identify the complete range of functions desired by stakeholders, stepping beyond immediate solutions. This approach paves the way for genuine creativity, ensuring we discover the optimal solutions that address stakeholders' needs. Balancing needs and costs, just like kung fu balances body and mind.


Almost 20 years ago I got the odd change to participate in a Value Engineering training. I couldn’t foresee then, how Value Management would facilitate my growth as a professional. From being a rather shy person, who would prefer to stay in the background I developed into a person who enjoys working with large groups of people. The structure and analytics of a Value Study helped me find joy in leading teams through workshops, towards sound decisions. And Gratitude also happens to be one of my favourite songs from the Beastie Boys.

Think slow, act fast

One of the key lesson from professor Bent Flyvbjergs book ‘How big things get done’ is 'think slow, act fast'. Deciding on the goal of a Value study, finding the right participants, analysing the problems and creating a strong and flexible agenda takes a lot of time, but it’s crucial to the successful execution of a study. Let me teach you how to do that.


I love food, it makes us happy and keeps our minds sharp and active. A value study should be an island of reflection, in the mostly busy working environment. Therefor it’s my opinion that workshops need to be set in place where there is no distraction by any other regular workplace busyness, with a good atmosphere and good catering 😊.

Sherlock Holmes

I'm an introspective individual with a deep appreciation for human connection. This blend allows me to understand subtle dynamics in our studies, ensuring that every participant's perspective is illuminated and valued during the workshops.