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Home Academy In company In-company </h1 > In-house training tailored to fit, seamlessly integrated into your processes, embodying the value philosophy. Bits and pieces of our VM1, VM2 and VM3, the whole package, or just some parts of it. We’ve trained engineering departments from large organisations, and value managers from ministries. Contact us Train in […]


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About us

Home Academy About us About us The Value Academy: where precision meets proficiency in the domain of Value Management. Our distinction is rooted in the huge expertise of our team and the large number of successful projects we facilitated. 🌟 Our Team: We pride ourselves on housing four certified Professionals in Value Management (PVMs). Remarkably, […]

Value Management level 0 (VM0)

VM0 – intro </h1 > Value Management Level 0: Basics of Value Engineering Welcome to our beginner course on value engineering, Value Management Level 0. This course is perfect for those new to the topic and busy professionals who need a quick look into the main ideas of Value Engineering and Value Management. What is […]


Home Academy Coaching Coaching </h1 > We mentor individuals aiming for growth in Value Management and help integrate it into their organizations. We can coach to setup a study, to review your workshop agenda, to asses your results, and give personalized feedback. Our seasoned value engineers are entrusted to mentor graduates and alumni embarking on […]


Home Academy VM3 VM3 </h1 > Value Management level 3 (VM3) is the third level of training course for Value Engineering. It delivers the knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to develop a value management program within an organization and design complex value studies. This is the third step to obtain a formal qualification in Value […]


Home Academy VM2 VM2 </h1 > Value Management level 2 (VM2) is the second level of training course for Value Engineering. It delivers the practical skills needed to facilitate a Value Engineering study. Start facilitating your VE team now in the workshop. This is the second step to obtain a formal qualification in Value Management […]


Training, coaching, implementation Value Engineering Academy: Training Value Management and Value Engineering. Certified, worldwide. Introduction Value Engineering VM0: 3 hours online, or 0,5-1 day in house Value Engineering training Level 1 VM1, 3-6 days. Live or blended Value Engineering training level 2 VM2, 3-5 daysLive Value Engineering Training Level 3 VM3, 3-5 daysLive In-company training […]


Home Academy VM1 VM1 </h1 > Value Management level 1 (VM1) is the first course in the Value For Europe programme. You will gain a good understanding of the principles and practices of Value Engineering. It will enable you to make better value based designs. Start leading Value Engineering studies and making value based designs. […]