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Start today - learn value engineering

Value Engineering can be integrated in your regular engineering activities. Why not begin today? Start your personal training or arrange a  training for your colleagues.


Learn how to get the design you deserve

Secure the design that matches the vision and aspirations of you and your client. A design improves when value engineering is used. It ensures that the design aligns with your core needs and objectives. It is a proactive approach to sound decision-making. Stimulate yourself, your designers and stakeholders to go beyond the ordinary. Urge them to innovate and think critically. By doing so, you foster an environment where creativity meets functionality, ensuring you get the optimal solution. Not the mediocre should be accepted, but the strive for excellence in every design aspect. Use value engineering and learn it from good trainers.

Target: Best Value For Money

The ultimate goal of a good design is to create Best Value for Money. Proven, smart, and accepted by stakeholders. Auditable for financers, preparing and answering all questions from decision makers for every investment.

Teamwork make designs better

Value Engineering boosts collaboration, improve design processes, uniting teams and stakeholders to improve designs. We guide engineers in achieving optimal value. Our courses effectively enhance services, systems, and processes.


Adding value

Where a design influences cost, outcomes, and profitability – be it in Civil, Machine and Manufacturing, or Process industries: 'All cost is for function'. How can we train and assist you in maximizing your values?


Skilled teachers

Together we have over 50 years of experience with Value Engineering training. We love to train talented individuals and enjoy guiding their progress.


Various levels of training

Training on multiple levels - certified, and lots of trainings made to measure. Physical live, or online blended VE-learning. Mixed groups, or in-house. That is what we do.



Our training courses are certified according to best academic and industrial practices. Cross certifiable, around the globe. Best of both worlds: EU and USA. Sustained Knowledge Acquisition!

Training value engineering

Focus on personal development - small groups,
lots of personal attention.

Dedicated trainers - enthusiastic, certified and highly experienced.

Intense, rewarding and energising!

Our courses

We specialize in educating skilled professionals: from designers to project managers, line managers to planners, business strategists to maintenance staff, and researchers to sales teams. No role is beyond our purview.

Our instructors aren’t just internationally certified, they apply their extensive knowledge in large-scale value engineering studies. They’ve worked with a wide range of organisations and showcased their expertise on global platforms.

Our presence extends across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, positioning us to understand and serve varied cultural and business requirements. Opt for our proven training programs and international expertise.

Digital Shift in Value Engineering Training

We moved from traditional classrooms to online settings amid the Covid-19 pandemic. We created an online teaching platform. Grounded in robust pedagogical principles and advanced software, our platform merges well illustrated content with dynamic e-learning and live interactions. We call it VElearning.

Learners can study flexibly, at lower costs than traditional classrooms, benefiting from the same interaction as in-person training.

Why wouldn’t you try this online? Tell us about your learning goals.

Our core business makes us feel like fish in the water. We learn you to swim!

Workshop 5 People AI

On the job training

Who wants value engineering? From milk to metal.

We've worked with many groups, from those turning milk into sweets up to factories that change iron into gold or tap into the sun's power. Whether they're in business to earn, serve the community, or are government entities, Value Engineering optimises.

Learn how to use your resources better. We offer training, support, and education on one simple principle: how to get the most value for your money.

Get started today

Contact us to discuss your project. Think about trying our 'learning while working' approach. The training reduces costs and improves your project, discover that yourself. We have a 3-hour starter class: two hours online and one hour of live examples with a video meeting for questions. And a VM1 which is the most important foundation training to start with Value Engineering.

Training in programmes, empowering teams

We gave value engineering training in many programs. After this, many project teams changed their approach, focused better on the desired outcomes, and improved their communication with stakeholders. This helped reduce problems, made plans clearer, and saved a lot of money. The return on investment for the Value Engineering activities is huge, often earning more than 1,000 times its cost.

Asset Owners and financers

Who stands at the forefront demanding the utmost value? Precisely! It's the owners, financiers, and those who take risks. Both external and internal teams play a pivotal role in reviewing and optimising. To truly embed this value-centric mindset, consider our VM1-training. This equips teams to focus more intensely on deriving the best value.

Our value trainers

Certified Value Engineering study facilitators. Trainers for all levels. Worldwide reach.

We practice ourselves, we teach and we coach.
Our teachers are international certified around the globe. With lots or experience in facilitiation, training, coaching and implementing in organisations.
Professionals in Value Management PVM, Trainers for Value Management TVM, Certified Value Specialists CVS.

Timme Hendriksen

Timme has over 20 years of Value Management experience. Timme’s personal mission is to spread the use of Value Management in the Netherlands and abroad, in all kinds of projects. Certified Value Engineer (CVS: USA), Value Manager (PVM: UK, Europe) and certified trainer (TVM: Europe & SAVE). The first Dutch trainer. And he is proud of that!

Koen Schmitz

Over 18 years ago, Koen embarked on his journey in Value Management. By executing various Value Engineering studies and training courses he became a certified facilitator (PVM) and Trainer Value Management (TVM). Koen's mission is to train professionals for a green and sustainable future with lots fun and great outcomes - together. Koen is also a former member of the Board of Directors of the European board for Value management.

Hein de Jong

Hein B.A. de Jong applies Systems Engineering, Value Engineering, Project Management, Business Engineering, and Knowledge Management . He's driven to enhancing workflows with effective techniques for those who desire and need it. His credentials include PVM, CVS, TVM, and an MBA. in Knowledge Management.

Alvin Tehmono

Alvin Tehmono, with his technical background as a geotechnical engineer, is a recognized professional in value management (PVM). Since 2019, he has been promoting and facilitating value engineering studies in Indonesia. Likely the first full time value engineer in Indonesia, Alvin has facilitated numerous workshops for both design and construction. He operates in the planning, designing, and construction stages, both within Indonesia and internationally.

Is Value Engineering compatible with you?

Value Engineering is..

We practice what we preach, everyday. Around the globe and in our private life. Value Engineering is a game changer, 'forever'.

Introducing VE

We organise the Value Factory conferences, Show-and-tells, and participate in events by national and international organisations like European board for value management, the Dutch Association of Cost and Value Engineers DACE, Verein Deutscher Ingenieure VDI, Value Analysis Canada, Save International and e.g. the International Cost Engineering Conference.

VM0 training

Our two-hour virtual e-learning introduction is available online 24/7, and it is followed by a scheduled show-and-tell session. The VM1 trainings are conducted on various dates and accommodate groups of up to ten individuals. See the training agenda for specific dates and details.

VE-studies and training

We facilitate value engineerings studies around the globe. As planned in the project schedules, or to solve problems. We train beginners and advanced professionals, varying from teaching to coaching.

Training and Facilitation: we love to do both!
Timme Hendriksen