In-house training tailored to fit, seamlessly integrated into your processes, embodying the value philosophy. Bits and pieces of our VM1, VM2 and VM3, the whole package, or just some parts of it.
We’ve trained engineering departments from large organisations, and value managers from ministries.

Train in house

We've conducted training in canteens, golf clubs, factories, restaurants, and countless hotels. Where will your next VE-training rendezvous with colleagues be? Trainings made to measure. And if needed assistence with implementation.

Engineering - doing that already.

You are doing it already but without formalization or explicit function analysis. We'll help pinpoint your blind spots, provide training, and assist in refining your processes. And show the power of teamwork and creativity.

What Are We Missing?

What might you be overlooking? We steer discussions with your team(s), challenge conventions, provoke thought, research deeply, and listen intently. We are catalysts for change. Profit, non profit, consultants, engineers, designers, project planners project owners. And still counting.

Give us a call

Curious about our value-add? Share your desired outcomes with us. Together we chart the path forward. We are always ready for a meaningful conversation!

We are too expensive. Are we?

Standards and norms, while vital, can elevate costs. Over the years, hidden inefficiencies might have crept into your organization. It's time for innovation through Value Engineering to address these 'value drains'. Let's kickstart a transformative conversation for long-term efficiency and savings.


"Assuming changes can't be made for safety reasons is risky. Safety is intrinsic to all functions and performances. An integrated design approach, occasionally spotlighting safety, ensures comprehensive solutions. This holistic perspective is embedded in VE-studies."