We mentor individuals aiming for growth in Value Management and help integrate it into their organizations. We can coach to setup a study, to review your workshop agenda, to asses your results, and give personalized feedback.

Our seasoned value engineers are entrusted to mentor graduates and alumni embarking on their careers. We not only preach excellence but embody it.

For whom

The coaching program is tailored for individuals eager to become professionals in Value Engineering/Value Management and are seeking guidance during their initial endeavors, be it personal or organizational coaching.


Coaching for graduates spans over several months to a year and is provided on an ad hoc basis. Whether live or online, the focus is on study evaluation, assessing your facilitation skills, and more.


Your coaches are Hein B.A. de Jong, Koen Schmitz, Alvin Tehmono or Timme R. Hendriksen, experienced trainers in Value Mangement.

Coaching PVMs


We have undertaken various coaching activities with VM1, VM2 and VM3 graduates and fresh PVMs:

  • Crafting organizational strategic plans
  • Collaborative multi-level training
  • Assistance in evaluating VE-plans
  • Participation in VE-studies as leaders, co-leaders, or members
  • Sharing examples and exploring new applications
  • Customizing the VE methodology within organizations
  • Establishing organizational guidelines and standards for Value Engineering.

We foster a community of continuous learning by uniting alumni in collaborative groups. This shared journey enriches the learning experience through every interaction and the exchange of peer insights.