Value Management level 0 (VM0)

Value Management Level 0: Basics of Value Engineering

Welcome to our beginner course on value engineering, Value Management Level 0. This course is perfect for those new to the topic and busy professionals who need a quick look into the main ideas of Value Engineering and Value Management.

What is Value?: Learn what “value” really means, both in your professional and private life, in hearts and minds.

Asking the Right Questions: Get the skills to ask many important questions related to value to get best value for money

Choosing the Best Option: Find out how to pick the right choices and understand why some choices can be tricky

Work Well with Designers: Learn how to talk and work with designers, keeping in mind the goals of the project.

Why Value Studies are Important:
Know why it’s a good idea to do value studies when planning a project.

Basic Ideas of Value Management: Get a simple overview of what value management is all about.

How to Plan a VE Study: Learn the steps to set up a study in value engineering.

For whom

VM0 is designed for those who are seeking awareness of Value Management, and be able to understand the generic concept of Value Engineering. Project owners, managers, and design engineers who are curious on improving the value of decisions and of designs, are welcome in this introductory training.

VM0 certificate

Upon successfully completing the e-learning test and actively participating in the subsequent interactive Q&A, you will receive the VM0 certificate from Value FM

Certification trajectory

Upon completing the VM0 training, you might consider advancing to the VM1 training. The VM1 training, equips you to become an effective VE-team member and lays the groundwork for facilitation roles. Meanwhile, VM0 offers fundamental principles applicable to your everyday tasks and projects. Formal certification training into value engineering begins with VM1 and subsequent levels. If you want you may also start directly with the VM1 without VM0.

Timing and training course data

The training is structured to include a 2-hour e-learning course followed by a one to two-hour online meeting. This session encompasses Q&A, show-and-tell, and possibly additional training elements. Once a date is established, the training will commence. To stay updated with scheduled open subscription sessions, which are often held on Friday afternoons, please go to the training agenda.


The Value Engineering Academy is proud to have a group of highly accomplished trainers, including Alvin Tehmono, Hein de Jong, Koen Schmitz, and Timme Hendriksen. Each of these trainers specializes in specific subjects, provides instruction in multiple languages, and accommodates learners from different time zones.

Guaranteed quality

The trainers will help you begin your value journey using their expertise. In our interactive small group settings, you will gain substantial return on the time that you invest.

value management level introduction training course

VM0 training course

With the VM0 training, you’ll gain insights into the core objectives of Value Management, such as:

  • Achieving cost savings without compromising fundamental requirements
  • Speeding up the design processes
  • Enhancing alignment between organizational, business, and project goals
  • Engaging stakeholders effectively
  • Making decisions rooted in value to optimize outcomes and strengthen the business case

We trained and certified many value engineers

We have successfully trained a significant number of value engineers in the Netherlands, and organizations abroad. We facilitate value engineering studies ourselves, providing us with a constant influx of real-world examples that enrich our training sessions.

Designed for professionals

This training is tailored to cater to a broad audience with an interest in Value Engineering. It is particularly beneficial for project managers, business owners, general managers, engineers, and members of project teams. The course is designed to empower individuals who aspire to contribute more effectively as team members in value studies.

Our services VM0 introduction

Online VM0 training

Our VM0 training program offers exceptional flexibility in terms of both scheduling and location. Leveraging our online collaboration tools, we provide an experience that mirrors the dynamics of an actual value engineering team or workshop. This approach allows participants to experience and get feeling for the collaborative nature of value engineering, all from the convenience of their chosen location.

Flexible Q&A-sessions

We actively encourage participants to participate after the online session in a live Q&A session with our trainer. You have the flexibility to choose how you'd like to engage, whether it's through email for clarification or by participating in an interactive online VM0 Q&A-session. Our trainer is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about Value Engineering. Your continued learning and understanding is of the utmost importance to us.

Bring your own experiences to the training

Participants will bring their own experiences to the VM0 training. Those provide valuable sources for further discussion and gaining insights. This hands-on approach not only enhances the relevance of the training but also provides participants with the opportunity to philosophise about their own real-world projects, fostering a deeper understanding of the concepts and techniques learned."

VM training for Managers

As a manager, what do you need to know about value and how to manage value creation in your organisation? The VM training for managers is always tailored to your management culture and focuses on what value is and how your managers approach it, how to manage the processes and how to stimulate your people to create the best value for money. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.