Value Management level 1 (VM1) is the first course in the Value For Europe programme. You will gain a good understanding of the principles and practices of Value Engineering. It will enable you to make better value based designs. Start leading Value Engineering studies and making value based designs.
This is the first step towards a formal qualification in Value Management, certified by the European certification commission.

Training is available on a regular basis, see the training agenda.

Learning objectives are:

  • Understand Value Management and Value Engineering, and the difference between them
  • Be aware of the need to design Value Studies
  • Know core tools and techniques
  • Be able to apply specific tools
  • Experience of key processes
  • Emotional understanding of Value Engineering
  • Awareness of personal behaviour and team impacts
  • Positive attitudinal and motivational change to Value Engineering

For whom

The Value Management training VM1 is designed for those who want to become aware of Value Management, understand the concepts of Value Engineering and perhaps learn more. Management and staff, potential practitioners and potential trainers. Participants in Value ENgineering studies and engineers who want to develop their curriculum and add new skills to their competences.

VM1 certificate

The VM1 is often chosen because it provides an accessible way to gain in-depth knowledge of Value Engineering at a minimal cost. Your VM1 certificate will be issued by Value FM.

Qualified Value Associate QVA

Based on your VM1 certificate, you can apply for the European Qualified Value Associate (QVA) designation. It is valid for life and is a sign of achievement that is recognised in Europe and by organisations worldwide. Certificates are issued by the Dutch Certification Council for Value Management (NCRVM). Submit proof that you have successfully completed the VM1 training and that you have attended 2 Value Engineering studies. Fees to be paid to the NCRVM

Timing and training course data

VM1 is scheduled in a variety of forms throughout the year, please check the agenda for upcoming training events. All training can also be delivered in-house, please contact us for more information. There are several variations of this certified VM1 training course, which can take 24, 40 or 48 hours, all with different outcomes and depending on your previous knowledge (contact a trainer to see what is best for you). See the training agenda for course dates


Your trainers are Hein B.A. de Jong, Koen C.L. Schmitz, or Timme R. Hendriksen. All are certified Trainers in Value Management TVM.

Guaranteed quality

Good quality is defined by many European value engineers and brought together in the European Value Management standard EN12973. Don't go for less: you can do it and you are worth it. The training course has 6 to 10 persons with a single trainer and up to 16 with 2 trainers.

We are deeply committed to ensuring all trainees have ample opportunities to enhance their skill levels. This dedicated approach sets us apart from the rest."

VM1 training course

With a VM1, you will learn how to achieve typical value management objectives:

  • Optimise your design
  • Reduce costs without compromising basic needs
  • Accelerate design
  • Better align organisational, business and project goals
  • Engage stakeholders
  • Make projects more cost-effective and improve business cases

We trained and certified many value engineers

We have provided training to many of the value engineers in the Netherlands and abroad, working with various organisations. Our approach involves both training delegates and conducting value engineering ourselves, which ensures we are constantly up-to-date and have numerous examples to share during our courses. We adhere to European standards VM1, VM2, VM3 and TTT (train the trainer) in our education. The training is a VM1 course certified by Europe, based on EN12973 and EN1325, and accredited by the Dutch National Certification Council for Value Management (NCRVM). It is delivered by certified trainers in Value Management (TVM). The trainees will receive the European certificate for Qualified Value Associate provided that they have successfully completed the course and attended at least two additional Value Engineering studies (or the 5 days training plus one additional Value Engineering study). Upon request, this training can be certified by SAVE International.

This training prepares you to lead your first VE study. You get the tools and tips to develop yourself, highly recommended for anyone who wants to create more value.

Engineering consultancy Manager Engineering

On the basis of energetic trainers Timme and Koen you will be guided through the basics of the VE methodology, after the 6 days you are ready to experiment with the method yourself.

Project Owner Internal Consultant desing Large Projects

All cost is for function! This is a great training that may change the way we plan and execute our projects. We will integrate this in our organisation.

Participant VM1 Strategic Planner Ministry Public Works

The philosophy of value is great. Even better is that the client also joined this training. It takes two to tango and together we may chance the way we approach the road projects around the country. Thank you Alvin and Hein!

Participant VM1 Construction designer

VM1 training courses

VM1 Live classroom training

Live training is an enjoyable, easy-to-comprehend, and beneficial preparation for conducting VE-studies during in-person meetings. Additionally, it promotes team building. In instances where language barriers and nonverbal communication play a crucial role, or when implementing VE is a novel concept within your organisation, choosing the live classroom option is best.

VM1 Online internet based training

This is VElearning at its best. It is probably the most advanced VM1 online training platform worldwide, designed and produced by four of the most experienced Value Engineering training experts and facilitators. It offers a combination of e-learning, online collaboration tools and video conferencing, making it a complete expert platform for Value Engineering training.
The platform is based on teaching via the internet, is cost-effective, requires only an internet connection and is quick and easy to set up. It has a very low environmental footprint. Participants do need a quiet place to study, but don't need to travel or stay somewhere else.

VM1 Made to Measure

Some organizations have particular requirements - perhaps certain systems are already in operation, or there are obstacles that demand a multifaceted approach. We can adapt the current VM1 training program or create a bespoke one tailored to your needs, which can be delivered either face-to-face or online, and either certified or non-certified.