Value Management level 2 (VM2) is the second level of training course for Value Engineering. It delivers the practical skills needed to facilitate a Value Engineering study. Start facilitating your VE team now in the workshop. This is the second step to obtain a formal qualification in Value Management as certified by the European board for training and certification of Value Management.

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Learning objectives are:

  • Design Value Engineering studies

  • Lead and facilitate value engineering studies

  • Gain deeper understanding of Value Engineering and Value Management, following your previous experiences with value studies and VM1 training.

For whom

Our VM2 training program is tailored for individuals aspiring to lead value engineering studies as facilitators. It's an ideal fit for staff, prospective value engineering practitioners, potential trainers, and engineers looking to broaden their skillset. To enroll, participants should have completed VM1. While having participated in live value studies can enrich the learning experience, it's not a requirement.

VM2 certificate

The VM2 certificate is issued by Value FM. Our trainers and trainings are certified by the NCRVM to comply to the European  Standard EN12973.


Successfully completing the VM2 equips you with the expertise to guide groups. Start with facilitating simpler studies and smaller groups, progressively advancing to larger teams and more complex studies.


Trainings is scheduled on yearly basis and on demand. The certified VM2 training course has two versions: 24 hours or 40 hours, each with distinct outcomes. Share your needs via email, and we help you to identify the optimal solution for your circumstances.


Your trainers are Hein B.A. de Jong, Koen C.L. Schmitz or Timme R. Hendriksen. All are certified trainers in Value Management (TVM).

Guaranteed quality

Good quality is defined by many European value engineers and brought together in the EN12973 Value Management standard. Don't go for less: you can do it and you are worth it. The training course has a minimum of 6 participants, and with a regular maximum of 12 persons with a single trainer. We care for that all trainees will have plenty opportunities to develop their skill levels. The trainers keep their skills on the right level by facilitating VE-studies, training themsevles, teaching, and re-certifying every 4 years: Practitioners in Value Management!

value management level 2 training course

VM2 training course

With VM2, you will delve deeper in how to lead your team and how to reach the typical goals of Value Management during a workshop:

  • Saving cost while preserving basic needs
  • Accelerate design
  • Align organization, business, and project goals better
  • Commit stakeholders
  • Make projects more cost effective and improve business case

We trained and certified many value engineers

We have trained most of the value engineers in the Netherlands and we train abroad as well within a range of organisations. We train delegates and we perform value engineering ourselves: this combination keeps us fresh, up to date and we have plenty of examples during our trainings. We educate according to the European standards VM1, VM2, VM3 and TTT (train the trainer).
The training is a European certified VM2 training and based on EN12973 and certified by the NCRVM (Netherlands Certification Counsil Value Management). With certified trainers (TVM – trainers in Value Management).
. On special request this training can be certified for certification by SAVE International as well

Designed for professionals

This training is designed for anybody who wants to proceed to practice and Value Engineering and lead studies. Furthermore, this course is the second step towards advanced application of Value Management. They could be consultants (self-employed or working at a consultancy or engineering firm) or employees of supporting departments within larger client organisations.

Our services VM2

VM2: Facilitate online, blended and offline

In our Value Management 2 training program, we empower you to excel as a proficient facilitator in both online and offline environments. Through immersive learning experiences, you will step into the role of a facilitator, guiding value engineering teams firsthand. Our comprehensive curriculum equips you with the skills to expertly employ online collaboration tools in virtual settings, ensuring seamless and effective facilitation. Additionally, we provide training on offline facilitation techniques, enabling you to orchestrate successful workshops in physical spaces. Moreover, we emphasize the value of blending these approaches to create hybrid workshops, offering you versatility and adaptability in your facilitation endeavors. Prepare to lead with confidence, whether in the digital realm, traditional settings, or a harmonious fusion of both.

VM2: Service at your place

We understand that flexibility is key, and therefore, we allow our clients to choose the training location that best suits their needs. Once the location is determined, our dedicated team will collaborate closely with the client to ensure the training room is set up according to our specific requirements, optimizing the learning environment. Our training sessions can commence with a minimum of eight participants, ensuring a personalized and interactive experience that meets your organization's unique demands. Your training, your way - that's the essence of our service at your place.

VM2: Tailored modules

Prior to the training session, we conduct individual interviews with trainees, enabling us to craft a curriculum that aligns precisely with the unique needs of our clients. Our commitment to tailored training ensures that every participant experiences maximum effectiveness and relevance in their learning journey. We understand that growth rates may vary based on individual knowledge and experience levels, but we firmly believe that progress is attainable for everyone, and our extensive experience confirms that every trainee will experience significant growth at their own pace. Your development, personalized and potent, is at the heart of our training philosophy. Live or online.

VM2: Aftercare - kickstarting YOU

Committed to your success, we offer a valuable opportunity through our "Free Facilitation Consultation." As a graduates, you will have the privilege of one free coaching program tailored to your specific project. Whether you seek guidance on facilitation approaches or require insights to enhance your real project's facilitation strategy, our expert facilitators are here to support you. Expect to receive valuable input and recommendations that will elevate your facilitation approach. Your growth begins with this invaluable consultation, demonstrating our dedication to your ongoing development.