Value Management level 3 (VM3) is the third level of training course for Value Engineering. It delivers the knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to develop a value management program within an organization and design complex value studies. This is the third step to obtain a formal qualification in Value Management as certified by the European board for training and certification Value Management.

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Learning objectives are:

  • Understanding the organisational strategy and culture
  • Know about supporting tools and techniques
  • Be able to design a more complex value studies
  • Know how to design VM policy, strategy, and programmes
  • Know how to lead in complex environment

For whom

The VM3 training is designed for those who improve their organization by implementing VM and for designing complex VE-studies. This training is suitable for VM2 graduates - managers, VE practitioners, potential trainers, and engineers.

VM3 certificate

Provided by Value FM, the VM3 certificate is a result of certified training delivered by accredited trainers. It marks the second-to-last stage in the journey to PVM recognition. After VM3, you'll need to oversee 5 to 10 VE studies before seeking the practitioner certificate from a national certification body, such as our affiliate, the Dutch NCRVM.

Professional in Value Management PVM

Upon securing your VM1, VM2, and VM3 certifications and accumulating sufficient hours in VE study facilitation, you become eligible to pursue the esteemed European title of Professional in Value Management (PVM). This PVM certification in Value Engineering/Management is valid for 4 years. The certificates are granted by the Dutch NCRVM.

Training schedule

Our training is scheduled on annula basis or in-house on demand.
The comprehensive training spans 3 to 5 days and is tailored for intimate groups, accommodating a minimum of 4 and capping at 8 participants. This ensures an intense and fulfilling learning experience.


Timme and Koen are the VM3 trainer in the Value Engineering Academy. They are certified VM3-trainers in Value Management (TVM) with a wealth of experience and have imparted VM3 training to professionals across the globe. Their expertise ensure you receive top-tier instruction in Value Management.

Guaranteed quality

Top-notch quality is the consensus of numerous European value engineers, consolidated in the EN12973 value management standards. Accept nothing less; you possess the capability, and you can get the best. We are dedicated to ensuring all our trainees have opportunities to hone their skills. The trainers keep their skills on the right level by frequently facilitating VE-studies, training themsevles, training others, and re-certifying every 4 years: Professional practitioners in Value Management!

value management level 3 training course

VM3 training course

With VM3, you will delve deeper in how to setup complex Value Management studies, and how to organanise it in your organisation.

  • Organisational strategy and culture
  • Designing complex value study
  • Designing VM policy, strategy, and programmes
  • Lead in complex environments

VM3: Elevating Value Engineering and Value Management expertise

After successfully navigating VM1 and VM2, you're now ready for the advanced stage of your Value Management progression.

This course, tailored for experienced practitioners and organizational leaders, delves into advanced Value Management strategies. These are designed for optimal integration within diverse organizational settings. Gain insights into the latest methods that are shaping the landscape of value engineering today.

Under the guidance of an expert trainer, this program emphasizes organising value management in complex projects and organisations. Allowing participants to formulate a value engineering/management strategy in line with their organizational objectives. The focus is on real-world applicability, ensuring sustainable and up-to-date practices.

On completing this course, participants are well-positioned to achieve the "Professional in Value Management" (PVM) certification. You will need to have faciliated about 5 to 10 full size VE-studies after the VM3 to be elegible for the PVM title. This certification is a statement to an individual's advanced proficiency in Value Management.

Join this comprehensive training to deepen your expertise and to further your organization's commitment to value. For more details on this advanced training module, please get in touch.

Our services VM3

Coaching you

In our Value Management Level 3 training, one of our services is coaching you towards achieving the esteemed Professional in Value Management (PVM) certification. To facilitate your journey, we provide several complimentary sessions tailored to your needs. These sessions include a thorough portfolio evaluation and, if desired, mock interview preparations to enhance your confidence in pursuing PVM certification. By assessing your portfolio and refining your interview strategy, we aim to provide valuable guidance and support as you work towards your PVM certification, recognizing that achieving this certification is a noteworthy milestone in your professional development. Your success remains a key objective, and these sessions are designed to help you reach your certification goals.

Tailored to organisation needs

Our Value Management Level 3 training goes beyond individual growth; it is also tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. Upon completion of the program, you will create a crafted implementation plan for integrating value management throughout your organization. This strategic roadmap is designed to empower your organization to achieve its goals with increased effectiveness, harnessing the full potential of value management principles. By customizing our training to your organization's needs, we ensure that the knowledge, skills, and attitude acquired are directly applicable and impactful, facilitating positive transformation and optimizing outcomes for your entire organization..

Live or hybrid classroom

While VM3 trainings typically take place in a live, physical setting, we recognize the shifting preferences of today's learners. Our Value Management Level 3 training now proudly offers a cutting-edge "Hybrid Training Delivery" system. This method integrates the advantages of blended virtual and face-to-face sessions. The training excels in presenting theoretical aspects online, while it practices facilitating exercises in a physical, onsite setting. This synergistic approach ensures participants receive a robust and versatile education, enhancing their mastery of value management principles.

Your way, our expertise

We understand that flexibility is key, and therefore, we allow our clients to choose the training location that best suits their needs. Once the location is determined, our dedicated team will collaborate closely with the client to ensure the training room is set up according to our specific requirements, optimizing the learning environment. Our training sessions have small groups, ensuring a personalized and interactive experience that meets your organization's unique demands. Your training, your way and powered by our expertise - that is the essence of our service at your place.

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