We assist you in setting up and facilitating your Value Engineering Studies and coach your value engineers. Optimising designs for any good reason.

Getting started

How to initiate a Value Engineering study?

First contact

Contact us. We'll explore together if Value Engineering is the right solution for the challenge, where your organization currently stands, delve into your project, its stages, and speak about both the documentation and stakeholder viewpoints.

Follow up

Let's devise a strategy tailored to your timeline, expectations, and desired outcomes. We'll brainstorm the best ways to tackle challenges and craft a narrative that's logical, transparent, and agreeable to everyone involved.

Contracting and costs

Drafting a contract for a Value Engineering study is typically straightforward. We're here to help optimize and work diligently to bring it to fruition. We prioritize confidentiality, signing NDAs as usual. The in-depth study, however, requires more time and attention.

The results pay themselves back

Many value engineering studies lead to cost savings. But we go beyond mere cost-cutting. We consider the outcomes, the client's needs, and aspects like maintenance efforts. Almost every Value Engineering study yields returns that far outweigh the investment, whether it be on capital expenditures, or operational expenditures.

The way we challenge the status quo is by questioning based on ancient principles and modern methods, using visuals, asking questions, and using plain language.