Implement Value Engineering

Value FM has extensive experience in implementing Value Engineering in organisations. We understand what it takes to implement Value Engineering and how to take the next steps. We take into account the organisation’s structure, strategy and culture to determine the right approach. No two organisations are the same. We help you to internalise Value Engineering step by step because we have learnt that you cannot run before you can walk. We support you with strategic roadmaps, training programmes, coaching, formats, bespoke policies and guidelines, dashboards and much more.

Careful implementation

Implementing Value Engineering in your organization is not just about acquiring knowledge; it also hinges on fostering the right attitude, developing specific skills and creating acceptance. We take that very seriously. Value Engineering isn't merely a set of principles to be learned—it's a culture to be adopted, and that often means steering your organization towards new horizons. Involving management, engineers and strategists.

Organisational transformation

Incorporating Value Engineering into your organization demands a blend of expertise, mindset, and capabilities - a fact we regard with the utmost seriousness. Typically, this integration necessitates a transformation within the organization and, therefore, must be approached with diligence. Success hinges on meticulous planning, clear communication, and comprehensive training.

Successful changes

The change within your organization must be managed with precision and care. It is not enough to decide on a new direction; the journey must be well planned, effectively communicated, and supported by thorough training, trials and evaluations. Each step is pivotal to ensure that the integration of Value Engineering principles is seamless and successful, enhancing your organization's processes and outcomes.

Attitude, skills and acceptance

Implementing Value Engineering in your organization is about acquiring knowledge but also the right attitude, specific skills and acceptance. Value Engineering is also a culture to be adopted, and that often means steering your organization towards new capabilities. Involving management, engineers and strategists is key.


Implementing of value management is complex in most organizations. Recognizing that each entity has unique goals and paths, we offer tailored guidance drawn from extensive experience. We outline three key phases: Orientation, Adoption, and Integration. These phases embody the cyclic progression of business ventures. Each cycle starts with a vision, ventures into the unknown, overcomes challenges, reaches milestones, and inspires new dreams, essential for organizational development and achievement.

"Implementation is the art of navigating complexity to uncover simplicity, and while it's seldom easy, the profound joy of turning vision into reality is the greatest triumph for the determined"

Some examples of how we implement Value Engineering

We have undertaken various implementation activities (and still counting):

  • Crafting organizational strategic VE-implementation plans – connecting strategy with tactics
  • Align policy, guidlines and standards with the organisations’ needs
  • Empower new VE-departments and let them grow in the organisation
  • Giving awareness training on management level
  • Performing value engineering workshops on the implementation of value engineering (we practice what we preach!)
  • Designing project plans for the implementation in the organisation
  • Establishing organizational guidelines and standards for Value Engineering
  • Organise Collaborative multi-level training
  • Participate in Value Engineering studies as leaders, co-leaders, or members
  • Customize the Value Engineering methodology within organization
  • Make dashboards to monitor the implementation of Value Engineering in an organisation
  • Organise challenge sessions for design teams, financers and stakeholders
  • Create intranet pages about Value Engineering