Training courses

Moving from classroom to online, due to Covid-19:  the makers from Value FM claim to have made one of world’s best online learning platforms for Value Engineering.

Based on very sound pedagogical principles of teaching, world class training materials, meaningful visuals, interactive e-learning, engaging assignments, your own paper workbook and excellent trainers.

The e-learning consists of:

  • 1/3 theory, online e-elearning. At the time it suits you, wherever you are. No endless Zoom seminars teaching theory with multiples powerpoint slides. For professionals from commercial and non-profit organisations, in simple English
  • 1/3 small cases, discussions and exercises online and hand in assignments
  • 1/3 large case, in live online workshops using dedicated creativity stimulating software. Use the standard case (quickest), or integrated in a VE-study of one your projects (direct profit from the training)

Trainees will get:

  • Access to VElearning 100% environment
  • Live Zoom-coaching on daily or bi-daily basis (Q&A, exercises) by Hein B.A. de Jong or by Timme Hendriksen
  • The Workbook Value Engineering Training VM1 (summary, notes, formats)
  • Get access to the online visual workshop enviroment
  • Optional: Very detailed Statement of Work for contracting VE-studies. This is integrated with the training materials and compliant to EN12973 and e.g. the VM Guide from Save international.


  • The training is a European certified VM1 training. Based on EN12973 and certified by the NCRVM (Netherlands Certification Counsil Value Management). With certified trainers (TVM – trainers in Value Management)
  • The trainees will get their European certificate Qualified Value Associate, but only if they finished well and attended at least one more VE-study
  • On special request this training can be certified for certification by SAVE International as well

Trainees will be able to:

  • Be an efficient VE-team member
  • Contract VE studies and facilitators (external, internal)
  • Facilitate simple VE-studies (with help of a VE-coach), start to learn more complex VE-studies

The training takes:

  • From 2 hours up to 8 hours per day.
  • Totals 40 hours (resulting in a 1 week up to 4 weeks training)


  • Hein B.A. de Jong and Timme Hendriksen are your trainers. Both are experienced Practitioners in Value Management (PVM), Certified Value Specialist (CVS) and Trainer in Value Management (TVM). Both have their roots in small up to very large projects

Next levels of training in value management:
Value FM’s trainers also give VM2 and VM3 trainings, according to the European certification and training scheme. These are classroom based trainings. Worldwide. In company and multi-company.